A Canadian Success Story

Founded in 1967 as Relamping Services Canada Limited, we continue to be operated privately from the same greater Toronto area home base.

More than 50 years on, our longevity and growth from a local player to a national company make us different. We’re uniquely equipped to serve customers of every size, across industries and geographies. And we continue to innovate:

  • Leading Canada’s drive to cost-saving LED retrofits
  • Launching the first fully national recycling program for spent bulbs — an environmental commitment well ahead of government regulation
  • And spearheading new technologies such as low voltage lighting, smart controls and e-car charging stations

While we’ve grown into one of Canada’s leading electrical contractors of turnkey solutions, we haven’t lost touch with what got us here. For while technologies change all the time, customer care, trust and innovation remain constant.

To find out what we mean, ask for our references.

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Leveraging its longstanding expertise in lighting and energy management services, RSCL offers one-stop turnkey solutions and independent, actionable advice for reducing energy consumption.