How We Work

From Wire to WIFI

RSCL’s in-house expertise is second to none, and begins the moment you call us. We typically start with a preliminary evaluation and energy audit, followed by a formal evaluation.

Depending on your needs, our recommendations will include estimated dollar and operational benefits associated with a:

  • Maintenance or repair program
  • Lighting and/or equipment retrofit to reduce energy costs
  • Customized energy management systems

Always an Independent Opinion

RSCL is independent of any manufacturer. This means the solutions we propose are based on what makes the most business sense for you. Period.

Having said that, we maintain strong and cordial partnerships with every major manufacturer of lighting and electrical products and equipment. So we can quickly access products and technologies we recommend, or source from your preferred supplier.

5 Advantages for You

1. Business continuity — We schedule work outside your business hours to minimize disruptions. We also protect your site and clean up thoroughly, so you’re ready for next day’s business.

2. Reduced paperwork — From obtaining permits to applying for utility and manufacturer incentives and rebates, we handle all due diligence and paperwork. You get the full benefit, fast.

3. Single contact — You have one account manager, one contact point for any issue.

4. Proactive — Your account manager is dedicated to finding more opportunities to save you money, time and resources — unasked.

5. Full corporate infrastructure — RSCL management systems and enterprise software provide you with customized performance reports and tracking. Costs per square foot, region, facility and more.

Why waste your energy looking around?
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Leveraging its longstanding expertise in lighting and energy management services, RSCL offers one-stop turnkey solutions and independent, actionable advice for reducing energy consumption.