Executive Team

RSCL offers the right combination of depth and innovation

Our senior management team of seasoned veterans and young executives delivers more than 150 years of combined industry experience. They provide high-value guidance to customers, based on longstanding experience. And they lead all RSCL employees by example, affirming that by looking after the customer’s interests first, we also help our company grow.

Expect professionalism
from the front lines to head office.
RSCL has all your needs covered, from maintenance and retrofits to design and implementation.

You can expect professional and courteous service from our uniformed, bonded and insured Master Electricians, Licenced Electricians and Apprentices, who perform all front-line work.

Similarly, total professionalism extends to our Brampton, Ontario head office, which oversees:

  • 24/7 emergency services, with calls fielded, dispatched and managed within minutes
  • GPS tracking, to locate the vehicle nearest you
  • Centralized administration, purchasing and design services
  • Manufacturer warranty management, where we maintain your warranty records and apply for compensation,
    where needed

Why waste your energy looking around?
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Leveraging its longstanding expertise in lighting and energy management services, RSCL offers one-stop turnkey solutions and independent, actionable advice for reducing energy consumption.