Design, Implementation & Controls

Today’s leading-edge energy management technologies go well beyond LED lighting and encompass:

  • Cost-saving and more flexible low-voltage controls
  • “Smart” lighting and sensors that adjust light levels to
    presence of staff and daylight
  • Wifi controls that enable environmental management
    from anywhere
  • Even E-car charging stations that provide convenience to
    customers and staff, and proclaim your energy leadership

RSCL specialists will design your lighting and control infrastructure to help:

  • Boost staff productivity and comfort, using optimal ergonomics
  • Enhance the customer experience, by orchestrating light quantity, colour temperature and visual focus, making your merchandise and environment more appealing

Why waste your energy looking around?
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Leveraging its longstanding expertise in lighting and energy management services, RSCL offers one-stop turnkey solutions and independent, actionable advice for reducing energy consumption.

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