Electrical Service & Maintenance

RSCL Electrical Service & Maintenance will help you reduce costs and prolong the lifespan of your lighting and electrical infrastructure. Our four major programs:

Preventive Maintenance

We’ve designed our preventive maintenance program to extend the life of your new or existing systems, so you can reduce downstream costs. May include:

  • Scheduled or on-demand trouble-shooting and repairs
  • Manufacturer warranty management, where RSC maintains records of all warranties, and applies for compensation where performance falls short of specifications
  • Group or spot re-lamping and fixture cleaning
  • Sign maintenance
  • Parking lot & security lighting
  • Back up generator and emergency lighting services, so you’re
    always covered
  • Dedicated overnight crews, where needed, to minimize

Infrared Preventive Maintenance Scan

Also called thermographic scanning, this service locates panel and electrical control hot spots before they turn into costly and potentially catastrophic problems. Helps to reduce risks to life and property.

Integrated With Your Maintenance Call Centres

RSCL works seamlessly with your maintenance call centre. In fact, we already collaborate with more than 20 national call centres for major customers.

Emergency Services

When your operations are shut down or at risk, we provide 24/7 emergency services, supported by RSCL’s national infrastructure, to inspect and repair any electrical issue.

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