The partnerships we’ve built over 50-plus years add value to our services and products. We maintain excellent
relations with:

  • All major lighting and electrical product and equipment manufacturers. However, we maintain our independence, and pledge to specify only what’s best for you
  • Trusted subcontractors, giving you greater access to timely, qualified professionals
  • Custom manufacturers, enabling you to source the most reliable, highest-quality equipment
  • Utilities, governments and regulators at every level, to speed permitting and take advantage of energy conservation rebates and grants

RSCL is a member of provincial and national industry organizations, as well as a 50-year member of the Brampton Chamber of Commerce. We attend industry events for early access to new technologies, products and regulations that can help you operate more efficiently and at lower cost.

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Leveraging its longstanding expertise in lighting and energy management services, RSCL offers one-stop turnkey solutions and independent, actionable advice for reducing energy consumption.